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Catch the lice on the surface

GreenArc Aqua

Salmon lice are a growing threat to salmon farmers around the world. The overwhelming challenge is to find a way to overpower the progression of resistant lice. With the GreenArc Aqua, Green IQ has invented the solution that not only overcomes the resistant lice, but at the same time is both cost effective and environment friendly.

All you need is: GreenArc Aquas’ surface skimmer, pump, floating barrier, filterbox and our hoses.

Once brought up to the surface by the hydrogen peroxide treatment, the lice are assembled by the floating barrier, and pumped out of the fish pen with the pump. Through the filterbox the lice will be separated from the water and the assembled lice can be dispatched safely.

Subdue the lice

When treating a fish pen with the hydrogen peroxide treatment, time is of the essence as the resistant lice will only be subdued for an hour. The GreenArc Aqua is the most effective way to get as many of the subdued lice out of the fish pen within the hour, as the floating barrier with the surface skimmer and the pump get a substantial amount of the lice from the surface. In a recent test, 94.000 lice were taken from one fish pen.

Reducing treatments

For the salmon farmers, the GreenArc Aqua is a great solution as the number of treatments can be reduced. This is a noticeable advantage for the salmon, which will be less stressed by less frequent hydrogen peroxide treatments. Fewer treatments will also benefit the environment and the operating expenses. All in all, a win-win for the environment, the salmon and the salmon farmers’ bottom line. Our simple design makes it reliable and efficient, and has been made and tested for even harsh weather conditions, which we are familiar with on the Faroe Islands.

Green IQ

Green IQ is brilliant green solutions

Green IQ

Green IQ was founded with the aim to develop innovative green solutions both on sea and land.

The founders' backgrounds as engineers and mechanics has given them first hand knowledge of the challenges with oil spills. Hence the first invention was a pump that cleansed the bilgewater on ships, as the pump separated oil from water. This led to the surface skimmer which was intended to remove oil from the surface after oil spills.

It soon became evident, that the surface skimmer could be used to solve problems that were urgent in other industries as well. With experience in the salmon farming industry, they knew of the challenges with the growing amount of resistant lice.

When a pen is treated with peroxide, the resistant lice will not die, but only be subdues for about an hour. When subdued, they float on the surface with the dead lice. Green IQ knew this, the question was, how could the surface skimmer be used in the salmon farming industry. Together with salmon farmers, the GreenArc Aqua was invented, and farmers now have a tool that is both relatively cheap and easy to implement to use in the battle against the resistent lice.


Our vision is always to think green, to keep our inventions simple and to create solutions to major global problems.

Innovation prize

In march 2015, Green IQ received the Faroe Islands innovation prize 2015 for the GreenArc Aqua. The prize was given to Green IQ because GreenArc Aqua is a solution to the growing and overwhelming problems that salmon farmers on the Faroe Islands and around the world are up against - namely the salmon lice. Salmon farmers that had used the GreenArc Aqua could vouch for the GreenArc Aqua as it had proven to be effective in the battle against the salmon lice.


Jóhann Fagraklett and Grettir Hammer founded the company in 2009. With the success came the need for more people and the company now includes Árni Svartafoss, Sales, and Tóroddur Kruse, production manager.

Green IQ introduces GreenArc Aqua.


It was not only our objective to find a solution, that fought the lice efficiently, but also did so in an environmentally and cost effective way. We teamed up with local salmon farmers, Bakkafrost, to test our invention, and the result has lived up to all of our expectations.


“To remove the lice in combination with treatment is crucial. Now that we get most of the lice out of the fish pen whilst subdued, our treatments are much more efficient.”

Oddvald Olsen, Bakkafrost Faroe Islands

Marine Harvest

“The lice skimmer is working really well for us and there is also a lot of interest in this unit from other operators.”

Joseph Gibbons, Marine Harvest Ireland Operations Manager.


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Aqua Nor

Green IQ attended the Nor-Fishing - Aqua Nor Exhibition in Trondheim in August 2015.