The development of the system started in 2008 by two marine engineers who wanted to avoid the usual problems with oil in the bilge water. This is a huge problem worldwide on board ships.

On this occasion, they invented a unique surface skimmer, which is now patented in many countries.

A separator was developed for use with the skimmer. This separator can also remove the enormous amount of water in the sludge tanks and other oil systems.

The basic principle has been the same since 2008, but there are improvements made to avoid malfunction and to minimize use of spare parts.

The latest news is a specially developed hose pump, which makes the system more maintenance free and can withstand dry running for extended periods.

37 of GreenArc 500 pre-separators are already installed onboard in various type of ships in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway and in Greenland. Powerplant, yard, and ship scrapping company also uses GreenArc Pre separators and oil skimmer.