Aqua culture - Salmon lice

Salmon lice are a growing threat to salmon farmers around the world. The overwhelming challenge is to find a way to overpower the progression of resistant lice. With the GreenArc Aqua, Green IQ has invented the solution that not only overcomes the resistant lice, but at the same time is both cost effective and environment friendly.

All you need is: GreenArc Aquas’ surface skimmer, pump, floating barrier, filterbox and our hoses.

Once brought up to the surface by the hydrogen peroxide treatment, the lice are assembled by the floating barrier, and pumped out of the fish pen with the pump. Through the filterbox the lice will be separated from the water and the assembled lice can be dispatched safely.

Subdue the lice

When treating a fish pen with the hydrogen peroxide treatment, time is of the essence as the resistant lice will only be subdued for an hour. The GreenArc Aqua is the most effective way to get as many of the subdued lice out of the fish pen within the hour, as the floating barrier with the surface skimmer and the pump get a substantial amount of the lice from the surface. In a recent test, 1.2 liters were removed from the filters and counted. the result was 94.000 lice.  usualy one delousing can bring in everything from 2 to 100 liters of lice mass from one fish pen.

Reducing treatments

For the salmon farmers, the GreenArc Aqua is a great solution as the number of treatments can be reduced. This is a noticeable advantage for the salmon, which will be less stressed by less frequent hydrogen peroxide treatments. Fewer treatments will also benefit the environment and the operating expenses. All in all, a win-win for the environment, the salmon and the salmon farmers’ bottom line. Our simple design makes it reliable and efficient, and has been made and tested for even harsh weather conditions, which we are familiar with on the Faroe Islands.